What Is A Five Piece Drum Kit?

A drum kit is a collection of percussion instruments, including first and foremost drums and cymbals, and sometimes adding other instruments like chimes, tambourines, cowbells, or woodblocks.

The kit will be designed to be played by an individual drummer. The five piece kit is the most helpful drum set available for beginners. Different manufacturers have different ideas about what should be included in a five piece set: some have Bass drum, Snare drum, Floor tom, Hi-Hat, Crash cymbal, and Ride cymbal, others think that cymbals, bass drum pedal, throne, double-braced hardware, and drum key are necessary.

Beginner drum kits tend to be made of cheaper wood, such as basswood, poplar, or Philippine mahogany, whereas more expensive kits are made out of birch or maple, which produce a stronger, richer sound. Beginner kits are perfect for teenagers who are just beginning to get interested in drumming,

The two key components of music are rhythm and melody. Drums are exclusively rhythmic, which makes them unique as instruments. They are also the oldest of instruments, originating at least as early as 6000 BC. The modern drum set, however, was not perfected until the 1800s, when pedals were added to give the drummer the ability to play cymbals or drums with his feet.

The standard set up for a five piece drum kit is: bass drum, a snare drum, a tom drum, a hi hat, a crash cymbal and a ride cymbal, which is what we will be discussing in this article. The bass is the largest drum, and produces the lowest note, either definite or indefinite in pitch.

It is divided into three general categories, which are, concert drums, kick drums, and pitched drums. The snare, or side, drum, is an open cylinder most often constructed of wood or metal, with a skin or head pulled taut across the top and bottom openings, and a row of cords stretched across the bottom, which vibrate against the bottom head when the top head is struck.

The floor tom either stands on the floor, or can be clamped to the cymbal stand with a special clamp. It is a double-headed, three legged tom-tom. The hi hat is the primary time-keeper, and as such is a central instrument. The hi hat is most often used in contemporary music, and is constructed of a pair of cymbals mounted on a specialized stand.

Crash cymbals, set on a stand and hit with a drumstick, produce sharp crashing noises, and are primarily used to accent moments in the music. The ride cymbal, normally the biggest cymbal, also functions as a time keeper more often than it is used for accents, and is a standard element of the majority of drum kits.

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