Choosing a Drum Kit: Guide for Beginners

Some may consider choosing their first drum kit an intriguing task. Most people decide to start off with a smaller set for learning the difficult instrument. A basic drum kit consists of a four piece set including a large 22 inch bass drum, a 14 inch snare drum, a 16 inch floor tom-tom drum, and a 12 inch rack tom-tom drum,

A crash cymbal typically is included. Often times, a hi-hat is part of the set too. These sets are typical for beginners, who are looking to learn the instrument and possibly progress to a more advanced drum set in the future.

Most bands typically have a more elaborate drum set, and a drummer who has a lot of experience. Buying an advanced drum set does not immediately make you a great drummer. It takes a lot of practice and hard work to become a talented drummer. It is wisest to start off with a drum set that is similar to your level of play.

Beginners do not need advanced drum sets until they have learned the instrument and advanced their abilities. One of the biggest reasons for not going out and splurging on an expensive drum set immediately is because if you realize that you do not enjoy playing the instrument you will have wasted a lot of money.

You can always buy a new set in the future, or add specific pieces to your set if you decide that you enjoy playing the instrument and learning new techniques. Mapex, Ludwig, Pacific and Pearl are all good brands for purchasing drum sets. I would advise beginners to buy a kit that is cheap and very simple to set up and begin playing.

Make sure to get a kit where each of the sets’ components are made by the same manufacturer. Often times, pieces made by different companies are not compatible with one another. Lots of practice is necessary if you want to be good at playing the drums, just like any other hobby.

Once you feel that you have improved and are ready then go ahead and upgrade to a better quality drum set. Adding lots of pieces to a drum set is not a good idea for beginners. It is harder to learn an instrument with more pieces around than necessary.

Simplifying the set is the easiest way for a beginner to learn the ropes and upon becoming comfortable with the set you can look at expansion as a possibility. Once again, simplifying a drummer’s first drum set is the easiest way for them to learn the instrument.

Once they become more familiar with the set and the instrument in general, then they can attempt to move on and progress to a more complex drum set or even a drum machine. Enjoy your musical journey!

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